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Eurohome Kitchens & Appliances Pledges $25,000
Eurohome Kitchens & Appliances Pledges $25,000

Henry and Marilyn van Heesch, owners of Eurohome Appliances, have pledged to donate $25,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation’s Our Hospital, Our Future campaign over the next five years. On March 8, campaign chair Mark Foxton and campaign team leader Jenny Hogervorst met the van Heesch family at their new showroom on Amberley Road in Wingham to accept the donation.

With the showroom located in Morris-Turnberry and the Euro-Parts warehouse in Belgrave located in North Huron, Eurohome Kitchens & Appliances is a neighbour to the Wingham & District Hospital twice over. As such, owner Henry van Heesch said, “It is important to us to support the ongoing success of the hospital that serves our family, employees and clients.”

The van Heeschs were one of the early donors to the campaign. Campaign team leader Jenny Hogervorst said she is “grateful to have such a community-minded business make its home in Wingham and lead the way in this campaign.”  


Appliance Technician Scott van Heesch, Campaign Team Leader Jenny Hogervorst, Campaign Chair Mark Foxton, Vice President & Owner Marilyn van Heesch, President & Owner Henry van Heesch, Business Relations & Showroom Manager Marina van Heesch and Business Development Manager Hauke Hauschildt.

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