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Brett Lammie & Associates, The Co-Operators Support Hospital Campaign
Brett Lammie & Associates, The Co-Operators Support Hospital Campaign
WINGHAM, ON (May 2016) - Brett Lammie, advisor for The Co-Operators in Wingham announced a donation of $5,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation's Our Hospital, Our Future campaign. Lammie said, "as a resident and business owner in Wingham, I understand first hand the importance of our local Hospital. The Wingham & District Hospital plays a vital role within our community and within Southwestern Ontario. Through this donation, we are able to directly support the need for up-to-date and innovative equipment and technology not only benefiting our community but those around us". 

The funding was provided by Brett Lammie with the support of The Co-Operators Advisor Community Fund, through which the organizations supplements donations advisors make in their local communities. Brett Lammie and The Co-Operators are known for their community involvement and support for local initiatives that make communities across Canada more vibrant, healthy and sustainable. 

In addition to the Advisors Community Fund, The Co-Operators has a number of programs through which it contributes to social enterprises, co-operatives, charities and non-profits. After many years, The Co-Operators continues to qualify as a Caring Company with Imagine Canada for demonstrating leadership in community investment. 

Emilie Lammie, Brett Lammie & WDH Foundation Coordinator Nicole Jutzi

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