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Co-Operators Honours Clients with Christmas Donation

Merry Christmas from Wingham Co-Operators: Brett Lammie Donates to Wingham & District Hospital to Honour Clients


The Wingham & District Hospital Foundation has received a donation of $2,500 from Brett and Emilie Lammie of the Co-Operators in Wingham. The Lammies are making the donation to the Oncology department at the hospital as a way to honour and thank their clients for their business throughout the year.


The Lammies annually reach out to their clients during the holiday season, but this year they wanted to make a more meaningful gesture than a greeting card or gift basket. “Local healthcare is so important and we all know someone who has been touched by cancer which is why it’s important to us to give to the chemo clinic in Wingham,” said Brett.


When accepting the donation, WDH Foundation Coordinator Nicole Jutzi said: “We are always grateful for the support of local business owners and we are especially appreciative at this time of year when people decide to give the gift of healthcare”.


A new, larger space for the Oncology department at the Wingham & District Hospital is currently being constructed as part of the ongoing major redevelopment project. The Oncology and adjacent pharmacy departments are the first areas to see significant work and it is hoped that the new Oncology clinic will be open and operational in the spring of 2018.   


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