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2024 – Vital Signs Monitor Fleet

Vital signs monitors are crucial devices used daily in hospitals to continuously track essential health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation levels. These monitors provide real-time data that helps medical staff assess a patient’s condition quickly and accurately.

By monitoring vital signs our compassionate and professional caregivers can detect changes and abnormalities. Having this information readily available allows for prompt interventions and treatments that are customized to each patient’s unique physiological needs.

Technology is always rapidly evolving. To continue to serve our community with the best available care, the Wingham & District Hospital has prioritized upgrading the full fleet of vital signs monitors – 11 in total. The new and improved monitors will play an important role in safely detecting and managing health conditions for patients throughout the hospital.

Ongoing Needs

The need for new, up to date medical equipment and improvements to the Hospital never ends. Everyone at the Hospital is constantly striving to improve the patient experience. Having the most up to date and innovative equipment and facilities directly improves the quality of healthcare that patients receive. The Foundation also provides financial support annually to the Wingham & Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee to help attract quality physicians to our hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the WDH Foundation is proud to have funded more than $10 million in medical equipment and facility upgrades at the Wingham & District Hospital. Donors like you have the power to keep this legacy going. By making a gift to the WDH Foundation you are providing our caregivers with the tools they need to serve the community.

Gifts made to the WDH Foundation go directly towards high priority needs. Some of the essential items that are required in the 2024-2025 year include:

  • Hi-Lo Beds w/ pressure relieving mattresses, cushions and covers
  • Bedside ultrasound machine
  • Bladder scanners
  • 11 Vital signs monitors
  • Bariatric bed
  • Sara Steady Lift
  • Cardiac Monitors
  • Tilt wheelchair
  • Bariatric phlebotomy chair
  • Hematology analyzer
  • Crash cart
  • …and more

Total funding needs for 2024-2025 = $376,800

Foundation News

Leaving a Legacy – Ian & Peggy Moreland Bequeath over $270,000 to Support the Wingham & District Hospital

The Wingham & District Hospital Foundation is grateful to announce the receipt of a bequest in the amount of $273,000 from the Estate of Ian and Peggy Moreland.

Ian and Peggy moved from Scotland to Toronto in the 1950s so Ian could lend his engineering expertise to Canada’s famed military jet, the Avro Arrow. When the government abandoned the project, the Morelands chose to stay in Canada. They ended up in Wingham when Ian was hired to work at the Western Foundry (Wescast).

Ian and Peggy quickly made themselves at home in Wingham. They jumped into community life joining many activities among which golf and curling were their favourites. Their love of the Wingham community extended beyond recreation. Ian was civic minded and served as Wingham’s mayor from 1988 to 1994. As mayor, he contributed to the creation of the walking trail including the conversion of the rail bridge into a walking bridge and the establishment of the airport.

Peggy passed away in 2011 followed by Ian in 2012, yet the Morelands’ dedication to Wingham carries on through their generous bequest to benefit the hospital. Their gift will go towards putting up to date medical technology in the hands of skilled local caregivers and improving the hospital facility.

Estate gifts, like that made by the Morelands, are vitally important to safeguarding high quality local healthcare for future generations. The memory of the Ian and Peggy Moreland will live on in their treasured hometown through their thoughtful generosity.

Ian & Peggy Moreland

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