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October 15, 2022 – CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon

Goal: to raise $80,000 for Cardiac Monitor Upgrades – Learn More

The CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon is back on the 3rd Saturday of October. There are so many ways to participate and help keep this amazing tradition of community spirit and generous support of local healthcare going.

Listen and pledge live on October 15th by tuning in to AM920 and www.cknx.ca all day, or hourly on 101.7 The One or Cool 94.5 and:

Call 519-357-1310 or 1-887-CARE-4U6 during the broadcast to pledge your support
Text HERO WINGHAM to 41010 to give $10 during the month of October
Give in advance by mailing your donation to PO Box 1228, Wingham ON, N0G 2W0

Other fun ways to support your hospital during Radiothon season:

  • Enter the story contest for a chance to WIN a brand new tablet
  • Issue a challenge to others like you to support your hospital (ex. challenge all grandparents to give $10 per grandchild). Submit your challenge by email to nburton@blackburnradio.com – subject line Radiothon Challenge

Full information at the the CKNX website

October 1, 2022 – The Great Hospital Race – Celebrating 10 Years!

Registration for the Race will open on July 1st for early bird pricing.

The Great Hospital Race is back for its 10th year. You won’t want to miss this milestone edition of the event. Racers can look forward to special new challenges and revisiting some fan favourites. It will be another fantastic event in support of our hospital.

What you can expect:

Teams of 2 competing in 5 challenges – puzzles, scavenger hunts, goofy, sporty, messy tasks located around Wingham. Complete the challenges with your teammate and race against other teams to finish all five first.

It’s a race with PRIZES! Cash prizes for teams that finish the race quickly and community gift cards for the best fundraising teams.

No knowledge of the Wingham area is needed. Approx. 5km of walking/running with lots of breaks in between. Children under 12 should be partnered with an adult teammate.

The race supports vital medical equipment for our hospital. Your participation will help us raise funds for cardiac monitor upgrades – this technology gets up to the minute data to caregivers so they can make the best possible decisions for patients with heart conditions.

Registration Fee

$60/team of 2 until August 31st
$80/team of 2 beginning Sept 1st 
T-shirt deadline is September 1st so register early to claim your event day shirt

Safety Info

The health and safety of racers and volunteers continues to be our top priority. By taking the familiar precautionary measures we can all have a great experience in a safe and healthy environment. All participants and volunteers are strongly encouraged to receive a covid vaccine prior to participating in the event.

If you’d still like to register for the Great Hospital Race on October 1, 2022 please contact the Foundation office directly at wdh.foundation@lwha.ca

Current Funding Priorities

2022 – IV Pump Fleet Replacement

The replacement of IV pumps is a significant project for the Wingham & District Hospital this year. It is a wholesale replacement of the entire fleet of IV infusion devices and includes over 90 components. It includes not only the standard pump units but everything that operates with the pumps to meet the needs of many different clinical scenarios. This project will result in the upgrading of infusion pumps, pain pumps, controllers, and all computerized components.

IV pumps are located throughout the hospital and found in most departments. They are programmed to deliver specific amounts of defined drugs at required intervals. These vital pieces of equipment are used multiple times a day for patients with a wide variety of medication needs. The upgraded IV pumps are like mini computers. Beyond their clinical function to deliver medication, the upgraded devices will also interface with the hospital Information system through the hospital wireless network. The integrated flow of information throughout the hospital is important for consistency of care throughout a patient’s healthcare journey. Like all computerized systems they need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years.

Ongoing Needs

The need for new, up to date medical equipment and improvements to the Hospital never ends. Everyone at the Hospital is constantly striving to improve the patient experience. Having the most up to date and innovative equipment and facilities directly improves the quality of healthcare that patients receive. The Foundation also provides financial support annually to the Wingham & Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee to help bring quality physicians to our Hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the WDH Foundation is proud to have funded more than $10 million in medical equipment and facility upgrades at the Wingham & District Hospital. Donors like you have the power to keep this legacy going. By making a gift to the WDH Foundation you are providing our caregivers with the tools they need to serve the community.

Gifts made to the WDH Foundation go directly towards high priority needs. Some of the essential items that are required in the 2022-2023 year include:

  • OR Scope cabinet
  • Glucometer for Lab
  • Bipap ventilation unit for ER
  • Ultrasound stretcher
  • Cardiac monitoring system technology upgrades
  • Urine centrifuge for Lab
  • Clinical Laparoscope
  • MED carts with scanners

Total funding need 2022-2023 = $479,300

Cardiac Monitors Upgrade

Cardiac monitors allow health professionals to closely monitor a patients cardiac rhythm and observe any irregularities. Patients requiring cardiac monitoring include those who have had a cardiac event such as a heart attack, a patient with an irregular heart rhythm, those who have experienced an overdose of certain types of medication, who are receiving medications that affect heart rate/rhythm, or patients with low blood pressure or altered states of consciousness. Because of the wide variety of circumstances that can benefit from cardiac monitoring these devices are used on a regular basis, if not daily, in our hospital.

The planned upgrades to these devices will bring them up to the most recent standards of medical technology. One anticipated improvement is the ability for a patient’s vital signs to flow seamlessly into the electronic health record rather than requiring a nurse to manually enter the data. This change will decrease the risk of transcriptions errors. Upgrading our cardiac monitors will allow us to continue to safely and efficiently monitor patients using the most up to date equipment to maximize patient experience and integrate patient information in real-time allowing the caregivers minute to minute data to help drive decision making.

Foundation News

Foxton Fuels Honours 50 Years in Business with $10,000 Donation

Big thank you to Mark Foxton and Lisa Hearnden from Foxton Fuels for their generous donation of $10,000.

Foxton Fuels is celebrating 50 years in business by giving back to the community that has supported them. Mark and Lisa are long-time supporters of our hospital.

We can’t thank them enough for continuing to recognize the value of local healthcare. Happy 50th business anniversary!

WDH Foundation Supports $870,000 in Equipment and Upgrades at Hospital

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the WDH Foundation contributed $870,325 to the Wingham & Dsitrict Hospital over the 2021-2022 fiscal year. These funds were used for an upgrade to the full complement of OR scopes, new medication dispensing equipment, a refresh to the x-ray department and the construction of the new palliative care suite. Thank you to everyone who has made a gift to the Foundation in the past year. It’s our honour to be your partners in sustaining our local hospital.

These funds were raised through bequests, grants, the CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon, other fundraisers, memorial and general donations to the Foundation.

This donation also marks a significant milestone. Since the inception of the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation, it has donated over $10 million to the Hospital.

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